The power of paper

Corporate Responsibility

Paper has existed since time immemorial and has accompanied the human race throughout its development. Together with the written word, it has the power to woo, convince, transmit, recall and illustrate need within the world of business to create a culture of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Tipolínea builds its Corporate Responsibility policy around the Power of Paper. In our case, this commitment serves to participate in projects relating to sustainability, environmental protection and socially beneficial projects.

The Squirrel Path

El camino de las ardillas

At Tipolínea, we want to offset the CO2 footprint that is generated in the printing production process. Therefore we collaborate with organizations like the Fundación + Árboles,  an organisation committed to environmental projects, with reforestation of forests and the protection of our ecosystems.

The Squirrel Path  is a great idea that involves creating an environmental corridor from south to north along the mountainous backbone of the Iberian Peninsula. The idea of this corridor is not just to recover part of the dilapidated forest reserves but also to put an end to the fragmentation of our timberlands.

Tipolínea and users of Gorilaa will contribute to the development of this project. Visit the Fundación + Árboles website and see for yourself how you can help.

Más información

Contribution to social projects

Un árbol como regalo

At Tipolínea, we are convinced that we provide society with products and services that enhance communications, that seek to share projects, that spread culture, ideas and generally help to build meeting points between people.

The Power of Paper is our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and  we have built to find different ways of collaborating with projects, social enterprises, NGOs, associations and foundations that focus their performance in supporting disadvantaged groups and social problem solving to build a better world.